Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Casey Anthony is going to Hell! Are you serious?

    Casey Anthony will get her punishment from the Lord on her judgement day!  Are you serious?  People if that makes you sleep better at night thinking that your magical sky daddy is going to some day punish her for all eternity for the evil she committed then you obviously do not read your oh so important Bible. 
    Lets pretend for a moment kids that you're right and there is a God and lets even pretend the Bible is true.  So Casey Anthony just killed her child and got away with it, and according to the bible murder is a sin and she will burn in hell for all of eternity.  Are you people forgetting that all she has to do is ask for forgiveness and all is forgiven, because Jesus died for your sins.  That bitch will never have to answer for her crimes whether by law or by some divine spirit.  She got away with murder or at the very least she got away with accessory to murder, which is just as bad.  I am aware that not every religious person is thinking she will go to hell and that is good enough, but I saw at least 20 status updates from Christians proclaiming that God would take care of it as if that is good enough and it no longer matters.  I personally feel that this issue runs much deeper than just Casey Anthony it runs straight to the very heart of faith based religion.  I am not claiming that what she did had anything to do with religion, but that one of the practices of the religious is child abuse.  According to the bible you should not spare the rod because you will spoil the child.  It also says if a child disrespects their parents they should be put to death.  This is the divine word of your God?  Then I have 3 words for you "FUCK YOUR GOD!"  Child abuse is in no way acceptable for any reason ever.  The Bible is one of the most evil books ever written.  The sooner we remove religion from popular culture the sooner we can move forward as a people and the sooner we can progress further as a culture.
    Stop the ignorance, get a clue, and read a book that has been written in the last century.  You wouldn't read a book about a Commodore 64 to learn how to use any new computer.  You are probably thinking that is just stupid, because they are unrelated.  Really?  2000 yrs ago when the Bible was written they didn't have prisons, internet, DNA testing, Court systems(None that were worth while), Police officers, Psychology, ANY Modern Science, and the list goes on and on.  The Bible is just like outdated software it is no longer compatible with modern day life.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Why i havent posted many blogs

Been busy making a couple youtube videos check them out I will most likely get back to writing blogs tonight!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Christians calling Muslims out, Are you serious?

    Christians today talk about how horrible the Muslims of the world are and without a doubt I agree with them.  I do not however agree with the hypocrisy of their statements and their holier than thou attitude.  Christians say things like "Muslims are so evil and primitive look how they treat their women like property!"  Are you serious?  Have you even read your Holy Bible?  It explicitly says that women can be sold to men as wives and slaves. 
    It seems to me that Christians have short memories when it comes to the ideals of their religion and how hard the women of this country had to fight for equal rights.  The Bible is one of the most anti women books in all of history.  Women are not allowed to be in the clergy according to the bible, which is too bad because I think that the number of children being molested by priests would have been drastically reduced.  The Bible has a woman being the cause of original sin and the one that convinced man to partake in it.  It also states that the punishment for women is the pains of childbirth, because that has nothing to do with pushing a child the size of a bowling ball through a hole the size of a golf ball.  The bible says that the husband should rule over the wife in a marriage, and the only reason she can ever leave him is if he does not feed, shelter, and clothe her, even though the husband can take as many wives as he wants.  It states in the bible that during a woman's menstruation she is considered unclean and anyone that comes into contact with her is also unclean, which is mild compared to the 66 days she is to be considered unclean after giving birth to a daughter and only 33 for a son.  If a virgin is raped by a man he is to pay her father 20 pieces of silver and marry her!  REALLY! That is exactly what every women that gets raped wants is to marry the man that raped her, and if she refuses she gets stoned to death.  These are only a few of the atrocities in the "Holy Bible" and there are many many more.
    Christians before you start talking shit about other religions maybe you should take a good hard look at that atrocity you call the holy word of God.  The rest of us sane people that know better than to buy into all those fairy tales will continue to fight for equal rights for everyone not just the ones some ancient story book tells us to.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Anti-Gay Adoption, Are you serious?

    So you Theists do not believe that two men or two women can properly raise a child.  Are you serious?  The fact that it is a non-traditional family in no way makes it wrong.  Children with divorced parents or abusive parents more often than not come from traditional families and are way more impacted by those life altering events than any Male/Male or Female/Female couple could do as loving, caring, and non abusive parents.
    In 2009 there were 424,000 children setting in foster care awaiting to be adopted and 70,000 who are in some other form of care.  Most Theists think it isn't okay for a homosexual family to adopt children because it is against their religious doctrine to be with someone of the same sex.  Well guess what Christians/Muslims etc your religion doesn't mean shit to the rest of the country nor the government(Legally anyway).  Keep your insane fairy tales out of my countries laws.  We are a secular nation and not based on any one religion and you people need to get that through your thick skulls and stop interfering with things that in no way concern you.  You say you are concerned about the children?  Then let them be adopted by two people that will love them with every fiber of there being rather than set in sub standard foster care.  Homosexuals are just like everyone else in every way except they just don't find people of the opposite sex attractive. 
    Get your shit together America we are holding back progress by allowing radical theists to sway our laws and violate the constitution because it will get more votes rather than to follow its intended purpose.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Department of Justice, Are you serious?

    In some states the minimum sentence for Sex Offenders is only 60 days...Are you serious?  These people are destroying the lives of the women and children and in rare cases men they are  violating.  This is absolutely unacceptable and there needs to be a much harsher punishment.
    Child Molestation and rape are the most unreported crimes there are with a horribly low rate of 1% to 10% being reported.  Only 10% really?  Keep that in mind as you read the rest of these numbers.  There are more than 617,000 registered sex offenders in the US.  Only 10% of sex offenders receive life or death sentences which leaves the other 90% getting an average of 11 years in prison.  Of the sex offenders that do get out of prison 78% of them re offend and come right back to prison within the first 2 years of being out.  What can we conclude from all these numbers?  It's simple algebra:

X=Actual Sex offenses/offenders
only 10% reported(high end)

.1(X)=617,000  X = 6,170,000 Actual Sex offenders

78% re offend

.78 x 617,000= 481,260 Commit the same crime they were imprisoned for.

    These numbers are appalling and there is absolutely no excuse for them to be this way.  Any sex crime should be life in prison minimum with no exceptions!  There needs to be more awareness throughout communities when it comes to sexual abuse on children.  The average sex offender gets out of prison after 11 years and will re offend!  The Judges that hand out the terribly low end sentences should be held accountable as accomplices when these disgusting animals get out only to commit the same crime!  As a Corrections Officer I was able to read the files on these inmates and I was horrified at the things these men said in there defense!  The most common response I read was "She wanted it", and it was used referring to children from the age of 4 all the way to adult women.  A 4 year old wanted to be raped?  Somebody should have just shot him there and then and ended the disease of a human being that he was.  I personally believe that we should extend the Death Penalty to Rape, Pedophiles, and any crimes against children.  These people do not deserve to breath the air that you and I share everyday.  As I am already aware a lot of people who like my blog may not support Capital Punishment but this is one subject that I feel very strongly about and think needs to be made known.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Anti-Gay Marriage, Are you serious?

    Homosexuality repulses good religious people and "Destroys the sanctity of marriage" according to them.  Are you serious?  What could two consenting adults who do not share your beliefs or your home who want to get married have to do with your marriage?

    Marriage is not a new practice nor is it specific to any one religion and therefore should not be governed by any such religion.  As it stands Marriage is the unity of two people who are legally bound to each other.  When two men or two women are in love and decide they want to take it to the next level of there relationship and share in a binding agreement before their God or their government it only concerns them and not YOU.  I personally absolutely support the rights of any gay man or woman who chooses to go through with a marriage because it is their right as an American citizen to follow whichever religious path they so choose and nobody has any right to infringe on there beliefs and practices.  Making it illegal to marry based on moral authority or on the authority of a specific religion is absolute bullshit and goes against everything this country was founded on.  Freedom of religion means that EVERYONE has the right to choose to believe how they choose to and practice that belief without interference from the government.  As far as all of you Anti-gay activists/religious fanatics are concerned, these people are not interfering with your beliefs and they are not coming into your churches protesting how you follow what you feel is the correct path in your life.  If you do not like what they are doing then you have every right to speak your mind.  You do not however have the right to pass laws against them doing what they feel is the right thing for them to do, it is unconstitutional and Anti-American.

    STOP THE HATE! Stop trying to force people to believe what you do. If you are truly a religious person and actually believe all the things your holy book of choice says then it is not your right to judge therefore you should just shut up and color.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Board of Education, Pres Obama. Are you serious?

    100,000 to 300,000 United States teachers will not be returning to the schools they teach at next fall.  REALLY!  That is exactly what we as a country need is more uneducated people!  Are you serious?

    The U.S. is one of the lowest scoring countries in the world on standardized tests in Reading Math and Science.  Who do they blame?  Not the parents that don't give a fuck about their children's education! No, they blame the teachers that are working day in and and day out to try and teach these kids with limited resources and out dated textbooks.  Why is it that we cant realize that we need to focus more on the most up to date and accurate information possible to improve our advances in both science and medicine?  I remember when I was in High School (10 years ago) I had books with the names of people my Mom when too school with on the inside cover. How is information that is nearly 20 years old going to educate someone when our advances from year to year are so vast that you would need to update them almost quarterly to keep them accurate?  What I believe we need to do is spend every bit of money required to ensure the children of this country are well educated rather than cutting costs.  We spend billions of dollars on war, foreign aid, prison reform, and welfare.  I believe that we should cut all money to everything else before we ever even consider cutting costs with education.  Were we to do this the other problems would take care of themselves.  Educated people commit less crimes than the uneducated which would dramatically reduce the prison population.  Educated people would find a better way to deal with our political differences with other nations that do not involve a full on declaration of war.  An educated person would not need to go on welfare because they would be intelligent enough to get a better job.  With more educated people we could find better more efficient ways of helping to feed, shelter, and improve the lives of other countries that are less fortunate than us. 

    So I say SHAME ON YOU Board of Education for not standing up for the importance of education in America, and Pres Obama SHAME ON YOU sir for supporting this idiocy!!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Prayer? Are you serious?

    How many times have you seen someone post something like "(Any Disaster) happened please keep those involved in your prayers." Are you serious? Because that is exactly what they need is you setting alone in a room somewhere talking to yourself about how you want whatever God you believe in to help them. 

    Here is a thought, why not ask for something useful to them.  Your friend was in a car accident and may not pull through?  How about you ask for donations of food, money, or anything at all the family may need.  Natural disasters happen around the world and even here in the US all the time.  Do these good religious people send money? Do they send food? Do they volunteer to go help with clean up, rebuilding, or help feed the people involved? NO! They send there prayers.  PRAYERS! I will pray in 1 hand and shit in the other guess which will fill up the fastest!  I don't think that prayer is a bad thing.  It is one of the few harmless things that religions do. But come on people if you really care about your fellow man and want to help then do something about it don't just pretend to care for the benefit of self image. 

    In every religion the God or Gods gives mankind freewill.  So lets just pretend that he did that so when bad things happen you can freely will yourself to do something about it yourself rather than pray that said God will do it for you.  Do that and the world will be better for it.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Harold Camping. Are you serious?

     So Harold Camping for the 2nd time has proven how much of a complete Nut job he is and people still choose to follow him!

     Rapture round 2 was a no go, but who honestly expected anything more?  I certainly did not despite my endless jokes on Facebook about what i would do post rapture since as an Atheist i would be left behind.  How is it that this insane old man has so many followers?  My opinion is that people tend to grasp at whatever they can to make this life more liveable.  Take Religion in general for example every single religion has some version of an afterlife that is better than this one.  Why buy into it? Because of fear. Fear drives people to religion and once they are trapped into it they are stuck there.  In the case of the "Good", i use this term loosely, Christian followers of Mr. Camping they were sucked in back in 1994 when he first decided the world would definitely maybe come to an end, and once they were so invested in the idea of this modern day doomsday prophet they were compelled through fear to continue following him.  So now the best part.  After Camping was "Flabbergasted" that nothing happened on May 21, 2011 he decided that yet again he "misread" the signs and that what actually happened was that Jesus came down, invisible to all of us, and started his final judgement and that the world will actually end on Oct 21, 2011 now.  Are you serious?  Will people actually believe this insane bull shit that keeps seeping from his crazy old mouth?  All i have to say is that anyone who is stupid enough to blow there entire bankroll on this lunatics Familyradio.com advertisements deserves to be poor and miserable when they finally realize that its just another scam. 

     If you believe Camping then i have some advice for you.  Donate that money to something useful like Breast Cancer, Underprivileged Children, ASPCA, or any number of other great charities that can use the money to help people that deserve it.  Lets be honest people if this Rapture does come all the billboards in the world won't help those of us that know how insane it all is.