Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Casey Anthony is going to Hell! Are you serious?

    Casey Anthony will get her punishment from the Lord on her judgement day!  Are you serious?  People if that makes you sleep better at night thinking that your magical sky daddy is going to some day punish her for all eternity for the evil she committed then you obviously do not read your oh so important Bible. 
    Lets pretend for a moment kids that you're right and there is a God and lets even pretend the Bible is true.  So Casey Anthony just killed her child and got away with it, and according to the bible murder is a sin and she will burn in hell for all of eternity.  Are you people forgetting that all she has to do is ask for forgiveness and all is forgiven, because Jesus died for your sins.  That bitch will never have to answer for her crimes whether by law or by some divine spirit.  She got away with murder or at the very least she got away with accessory to murder, which is just as bad.  I am aware that not every religious person is thinking she will go to hell and that is good enough, but I saw at least 20 status updates from Christians proclaiming that God would take care of it as if that is good enough and it no longer matters.  I personally feel that this issue runs much deeper than just Casey Anthony it runs straight to the very heart of faith based religion.  I am not claiming that what she did had anything to do with religion, but that one of the practices of the religious is child abuse.  According to the bible you should not spare the rod because you will spoil the child.  It also says if a child disrespects their parents they should be put to death.  This is the divine word of your God?  Then I have 3 words for you "FUCK YOUR GOD!"  Child abuse is in no way acceptable for any reason ever.  The Bible is one of the most evil books ever written.  The sooner we remove religion from popular culture the sooner we can move forward as a people and the sooner we can progress further as a culture.
    Stop the ignorance, get a clue, and read a book that has been written in the last century.  You wouldn't read a book about a Commodore 64 to learn how to use any new computer.  You are probably thinking that is just stupid, because they are unrelated.  Really?  2000 yrs ago when the Bible was written they didn't have prisons, internet, DNA testing, Court systems(None that were worth while), Police officers, Psychology, ANY Modern Science, and the list goes on and on.  The Bible is just like outdated software it is no longer compatible with modern day life.