Sunday, July 29, 2012

Being Gay is Unnatural! Are you serious?

      I just watched a video claiming that being gay is unnatural and it got me thinking about what we all do that is unnatural.  To claim that homosexuality is wrong because it's unnatural is the most absurd statement anyone could make.  We as people do almost nothing in a natural way.  Do we eat food that is prepared in its natural state at all times?  Absolutely not!  We add processed herbs and spices along with cooking it in various ways that are not in any way found in nature.  Do we as people communicate naturally?  Hell no!  We talk on man made phones, computers, notebooks, and any other way we can come up with to get our message out there and almost never make natural human contact with other people.  What is natural about the way we commute from one place to another?  The answer again is nothing.  No matter what mode of transportation you are taking it is not natural.
      A man and a man or a woman and a woman can not have a baby so its unnatural for them to be together, Are you serious?  That completely ignores the fact that there are several million heterosexual couples out there that can not have children either because of entirely natural causes.  Does this mean that you can not have a partner or relationship of any kind if you are sterile?  Just another insane statement by another insane religitard.  
      Stop acting like a dick people!  Do you know who homosexuality affects?  HOMOSEXUALS!  If you don't approve of being gay, then the simple and most logical thing you can do is not be gay.


  1. it is not natural for men and men or women and women to have children and thats it, just be thankful that your mother and father were not faggs or lessos

  2. To the guy who left the first comment, I would just say, to bad your mother and father weren't faggs or "lessos".

  3. Good read! It was nice meeting you the other day. I think I want to make an account on here now! I love controversy and after seeing the first comment on this blog.... I want a piece of these assholes. Lol

  4. I'm interested in hearing other people's opinions and I am careful to make sure that I don't offend. I am a Christian and I've often wondered why people so openly accept homosexuality because in my mind it does seem unnatural. I liked your point on infertile heterosexual couples but for couples of the same sex to reproduce at all is impossible and there are always cases of disease that can potentially kill your partner...if you sincerely loved someone of the same sex wouldn't you do all you could to protect them from dying? I'm aware that it doesn't happen all the time but there are so many cases of deaths caused by homosexual practices...I just don't understand I guess.

  5. You say that because one thing is unnatural (like processed foods), and we all practice it, we should also say other things that are unnatural like gay sex (which you parallel with processed foods) should be considered OK to practice. This doesn't negate the fact that it's unnatural.

    Processed foods are bad for you and people do it. That doesn't mean it's NOT bad for you and NOT unnatural just because people do it. The same goes for gay sex. Gay sex is actually harmful for you body. There are TONS of medical literature on it that you can EASILY find on the Internet - I won't paste hundreds of links in here.

    So to say that because processed foods and gay sex are harmful, but we all practice it, therefore it's somehow NATURAL, is just plain illogical.

    If you say that it's OK to practice unnatural things, then you're not saying gay sex is unnatural, you're simply saying it's OK to be unnatural.

    It's humorous when people who attempt to be logical are so far removed from logic that they are barred from understanding true logic.