Thursday, May 26, 2011

Harold Camping. Are you serious?

     So Harold Camping for the 2nd time has proven how much of a complete Nut job he is and people still choose to follow him!

     Rapture round 2 was a no go, but who honestly expected anything more?  I certainly did not despite my endless jokes on Facebook about what i would do post rapture since as an Atheist i would be left behind.  How is it that this insane old man has so many followers?  My opinion is that people tend to grasp at whatever they can to make this life more liveable.  Take Religion in general for example every single religion has some version of an afterlife that is better than this one.  Why buy into it? Because of fear. Fear drives people to religion and once they are trapped into it they are stuck there.  In the case of the "Good", i use this term loosely, Christian followers of Mr. Camping they were sucked in back in 1994 when he first decided the world would definitely maybe come to an end, and once they were so invested in the idea of this modern day doomsday prophet they were compelled through fear to continue following him.  So now the best part.  After Camping was "Flabbergasted" that nothing happened on May 21, 2011 he decided that yet again he "misread" the signs and that what actually happened was that Jesus came down, invisible to all of us, and started his final judgement and that the world will actually end on Oct 21, 2011 now.  Are you serious?  Will people actually believe this insane bull shit that keeps seeping from his crazy old mouth?  All i have to say is that anyone who is stupid enough to blow there entire bankroll on this lunatics advertisements deserves to be poor and miserable when they finally realize that its just another scam. 

     If you believe Camping then i have some advice for you.  Donate that money to something useful like Breast Cancer, Underprivileged Children, ASPCA, or any number of other great charities that can use the money to help people that deserve it.  Lets be honest people if this Rapture does come all the billboards in the world won't help those of us that know how insane it all is.


  1. apparently this guy thought he could cheat the system (God). its not fucking kindergarten... "be quiet! the teacher is coming" like no one is going to get in trouble. He is gonna know if everyone on Earth is suddenly sorry for all their evil shit. fair weather Christians are still going to go to hell. and by the way... claar loves mayton

  2. LOL he is just one ore in a long line of wankers who take money off gullible people.