Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Anti-Gay Marriage, Are you serious?

    Homosexuality repulses good religious people and "Destroys the sanctity of marriage" according to them.  Are you serious?  What could two consenting adults who do not share your beliefs or your home who want to get married have to do with your marriage?

    Marriage is not a new practice nor is it specific to any one religion and therefore should not be governed by any such religion.  As it stands Marriage is the unity of two people who are legally bound to each other.  When two men or two women are in love and decide they want to take it to the next level of there relationship and share in a binding agreement before their God or their government it only concerns them and not YOU.  I personally absolutely support the rights of any gay man or woman who chooses to go through with a marriage because it is their right as an American citizen to follow whichever religious path they so choose and nobody has any right to infringe on there beliefs and practices.  Making it illegal to marry based on moral authority or on the authority of a specific religion is absolute bullshit and goes against everything this country was founded on.  Freedom of religion means that EVERYONE has the right to choose to believe how they choose to and practice that belief without interference from the government.  As far as all of you Anti-gay activists/religious fanatics are concerned, these people are not interfering with your beliefs and they are not coming into your churches protesting how you follow what you feel is the correct path in your life.  If you do not like what they are doing then you have every right to speak your mind.  You do not however have the right to pass laws against them doing what they feel is the right thing for them to do, it is unconstitutional and Anti-American.

    STOP THE HATE! Stop trying to force people to believe what you do. If you are truly a religious person and actually believe all the things your holy book of choice says then it is not your right to judge therefore you should just shut up and color.


  1. Gay marriage threatens Old Straight White Men. Marriage as an institution is to guarantee property, and that one's heirs are one half one's genetic property. Gay marriage asks for marriage to be redefined, and if the old straight white men allow that, then they may have to accept changes that their wives have needed for over 300 years. Since it may cause change, it threatens their power, and NEVER threaten the power of old straight white men.

  2. Well said. The people who are promoting this bigotry are just postponing the inevitable. We will eventually evolve as a society and this issue will not be a big deal any longer. It just a matter of time.

  3. This is exactly what I think about the whole issue! I can't believe this is what everyone worries about come election time vs. all the other problems our society and country has to deal with!!!

  4. It appears to be a much bigger issue to the USA than it is to us over here in the UK - yet we are the ones with a 'state' religion- which has allowed us to ignore it and out it at the back where it belongs lol. There should be no difference between marriage for two men, two women, or one of each - keep fighting the fight!