Friday, June 3, 2011

Department of Justice, Are you serious?

    In some states the minimum sentence for Sex Offenders is only 60 days...Are you serious?  These people are destroying the lives of the women and children and in rare cases men they are  violating.  This is absolutely unacceptable and there needs to be a much harsher punishment.
    Child Molestation and rape are the most unreported crimes there are with a horribly low rate of 1% to 10% being reported.  Only 10% really?  Keep that in mind as you read the rest of these numbers.  There are more than 617,000 registered sex offenders in the US.  Only 10% of sex offenders receive life or death sentences which leaves the other 90% getting an average of 11 years in prison.  Of the sex offenders that do get out of prison 78% of them re offend and come right back to prison within the first 2 years of being out.  What can we conclude from all these numbers?  It's simple algebra:

X=Actual Sex offenses/offenders
only 10% reported(high end)

.1(X)=617,000  X = 6,170,000 Actual Sex offenders

78% re offend

.78 x 617,000= 481,260 Commit the same crime they were imprisoned for.

    These numbers are appalling and there is absolutely no excuse for them to be this way.  Any sex crime should be life in prison minimum with no exceptions!  There needs to be more awareness throughout communities when it comes to sexual abuse on children.  The average sex offender gets out of prison after 11 years and will re offend!  The Judges that hand out the terribly low end sentences should be held accountable as accomplices when these disgusting animals get out only to commit the same crime!  As a Corrections Officer I was able to read the files on these inmates and I was horrified at the things these men said in there defense!  The most common response I read was "She wanted it", and it was used referring to children from the age of 4 all the way to adult women.  A 4 year old wanted to be raped?  Somebody should have just shot him there and then and ended the disease of a human being that he was.  I personally believe that we should extend the Death Penalty to Rape, Pedophiles, and any crimes against children.  These people do not deserve to breath the air that you and I share everyday.  As I am already aware a lot of people who like my blog may not support Capital Punishment but this is one subject that I feel very strongly about and think needs to be made known.


  1. 60 days in jail.
    Rest of their life on Megan's Law Sex Offender Registry.

  2. It's a sad, but real fact in our society that sex offenders get off too easy.
    I went through a horrible time after I was assaulted 6 years ago. When I was on the stand, his defense attorney did everything in his power to make it seem like it was MY fault. Sadly enough, I wasn't that douchbag's only victim. He received 4 years and only served 2 1/2. They released him early for "good behavior".
    The way I see it is if he was exhibiting "good behavior", he wouldn't have landed in prison to begin with. Yes, he may spend the rest of his life on that registry, but it doesn't change the trauma for me and his other victim. While he may have to live with what he did every day, so do we. He has to notify people whenever he moves, I have to close my eyes at night and see his face. No. Life on a list is not nearly hard enough.
    It's even worse for a child victim. I don't think that predators that would harm a child should be allowed back on the street. I completely agree with you Drew, that we should extend the death penalty to pedophiles, child molesters and anyone else who hurts a child.
    Ok, I'm going to quit my rant. :-) You asked for comments, so here's a doozy for you.

  3. I asked for a comment and im not disappointed! I was actually talking to Brian from A-News about it and it led me to write this blog a few minutes later after research on the numbers.

  4. I agree Drew. I watched a sex offender docu with Lisa Ling...these men...all 4 she interviewed, were different. The one lived in a camp...and ws with a woman...and sha had A CHILD with this man!!!! I mean...WTF???? Why??? Why are they allowed to be free? The catholic have the HUGE list of sex offenders...and??? What happens? People need to rethink...about what it is they want surrounding their families!!!!

  5. I used to work with child sex-offenders - I mean children, young people who had committed sex offenses- a lot of them had done it out of ignorance, out of coercion, out of loyalty and altered attachment to a caregiver, to find comfort in another person in a life full of abuse and hate, because they were scared- and very very very rarely because they were attracted to kids or had a paraphilia or personality disorder- I hope that you are not advocating the death penalty for kids who commit these crimes? Most of the kids I saw were not pedophilic - in fact part of my job was to assess them to find out if they were potentially pedophiles or not and if they were possibly going to carry on into adulthood them to find them treatment to prevent other victims. Over the 15 years I did this kind of work I found only two young people who were likely to carry on and become pedophiles. The amount of sex-offenders out there who don't get caught is overwhelming- they are mainly in families, they are not generally 'strangers' and yes the re-offending rate is high- but that's because we only catch the ones who are not very good at it - the ones that are don't get caught- for years. What research has shown in the UK is that capital punishment did not have an effect on murder or rape or abuse statistics - it makes no difference to someone with urges whether they will get put to death when they are caught (if ever) as they all think they will not be caught and are not thinking with that brain when they commit the crimes.

  6. Officially I believe it should be on a Case by Case basis. The argument for the death penalty for the re-offenders other than fear of being put to death is if you remove the problem permanently then there is no problem. I am on the fence about whether i believe it should be used in a first offense scenario because I agree it is a bit extreme, but on the other hand when they re-offend that is 1 more person you could have saved from the torment. As for a Youth offender they are still capable of being treated to some degree of certainty that they will be rehabilitated which is acceptable.

  7. yes- I agree - when you bring in re-offending then that changes the whole scenario.

    Please- I would love to see a 'rant' from you about the way religion treats women - I love your writing

  8. I did do an article on A-News the same day i did this blog about Religion and Child Brides you can check it out:

  9. Right with on this one reverend. they should be either shot or put away for life, especially the one's who go after children. Why we allow them to waste our taxpayer money anymore than they already do is appalling, and beyond me.
    I am a survivor of sexual abuse from when I was a child.They never caught the prep. So I got to go through my adolesence thinking I did something wrong and then I carried that with me into my 30's preventing me from ever having a serious relationship. Till one day I woke up and started gioing for anger management on my own. It took me 3 year's of constant counceling to convince me that I did nothing wrong, that I was a victim. But more importantly a survivor. I still battle from time to time (internally) with the rage that I feel. But in the end, I know that I did nothing wrong and didn't deserve to endure what I was put through. And as far as the Catholic Church goes, don't even get me started. they are definitely the biggest offender's with the longest record of pedophile's, and sex offender's that i am aware of. Anyway, I guess I've made my point, sorry for the rant.