Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Anti-Gay Adoption, Are you serious?

    So you Theists do not believe that two men or two women can properly raise a child.  Are you serious?  The fact that it is a non-traditional family in no way makes it wrong.  Children with divorced parents or abusive parents more often than not come from traditional families and are way more impacted by those life altering events than any Male/Male or Female/Female couple could do as loving, caring, and non abusive parents.
    In 2009 there were 424,000 children setting in foster care awaiting to be adopted and 70,000 who are in some other form of care.  Most Theists think it isn't okay for a homosexual family to adopt children because it is against their religious doctrine to be with someone of the same sex.  Well guess what Christians/Muslims etc your religion doesn't mean shit to the rest of the country nor the government(Legally anyway).  Keep your insane fairy tales out of my countries laws.  We are a secular nation and not based on any one religion and you people need to get that through your thick skulls and stop interfering with things that in no way concern you.  You say you are concerned about the children?  Then let them be adopted by two people that will love them with every fiber of there being rather than set in sub standard foster care.  Homosexuals are just like everyone else in every way except they just don't find people of the opposite sex attractive. 
    Get your shit together America we are holding back progress by allowing radical theists to sway our laws and violate the constitution because it will get more votes rather than to follow its intended purpose.


  1. Should read: anti gay-adoption I believe: of course that might lead people to believe that gays were being adopted...

  2. I consider myself to be a spiritual person which is precisely why I support the right for all human beings to have loving relationships and families.
    The people of whom you speak have theolexia- the act of reading and hearing spiritual texts and interpreting them backwards.
    They are all dogma and no substance - and they give those of us who have spiritual beliefs a bad name.
    There are those of us on the progressive side who do have deep, spiritual beliefs. You rarely hear from us because we respect the right of all people to believe what they choose. Those who choose to push their beliefs on others have missed the point and do not speak for me.

  3. I absolutely agree with you Anonymous and I am not saying that all Theists are this way however the ones that just set back and keep quiet while others speak out about their hatred is almost as bad as doing it themselves.